Monday, February 26, 2024

Living Beyond

 Since I moved to Jacksonville, I've been working on my bookkeeping certification and getting my notary public.  Florida laws are so much different than Georgia.  

So, everyone tells me I'm a miracle and should be happy to be alive.  I am happy, but no one understands the financial burden that it entails.  I've downgraded housing expenses.  So yay for that!  I've picked up small bookkeeping jobs here and there, but I can't seem to get out of debt.

My dad and friends used to throw me fundraisers.  The last one was 2018.  He sadly passed away in 2021.  I can't even write a out it without getting emotional.

Anyway, I somehow acquired a slap tear in my shoulder.  So, now I've added another profession and set of imaging too my ever growing list of expenses.  My orthopedic surgeon ordered ultrasound guided shots for the pain.  It doesn't work 100%, but I've got moderate disc degeneration throughout c4-c7 (i think, without the paper in front of me).  

That has led me to a spine clinic.  So, once more, another profession and set of imaging required.

I'm still paying on the stroke I had in 2020.  So now, along with my regular 3 month cancer scans, I've added on two more doctors.  

Social Security disability pays $2,000 a month.  I can't even pay rent with that.  I know so many of you have helped before, and I hate to ask for help again.   Right now my credit card debt is almost maxed out b/c of copays.  I've applied for assistance but was rejected for making too much money.  HOW???

All I do is stress about money now, to the point I can't even enjoy life.  I can't plan for a future because I'm in so much debt.  I started a GoFundMe for myself, which is super lame.  But I need help.  I can't pay for the doctors, scans, meds, utilities, rent, car, insurance, etc.  If I pay my credit cards down, I'll be able to pay for my care.  But lately, I've been very discouraged.  I'm worth more dead than alive.  

So, if any of you reading this can spare anything, I would be eternally grateful.  I am, without a doubt, so very blessed I've been going 11 years.  But I've had 5 strokes and we still don't know why.  I know the stress of being a step away from nothingness is part of it.   

I just wanted to let you all know, by the Grace of God, I'm still here.  I'm getting tired a lot more lately and sleeping a lot more.  I know a lot is stress, but I can barely even write this.  I'm so tired.....

Please help me continue to live and not have the added financial burden that is drowning me.   If you can't donate, please pray for me and share the fundraiser.  

I just want you all to know, I'm not giving up.  I have faith that God will make a way for me to continue going.  My work here isn't finished.  God bless you all, and once again, I'm so sorry to ask and can even do something for you if you need.  Just ask.

I can do all things through Christ.  We just found a new church to attend here in Jacksonville.  It's about the only time I get dressed up.   lol.  Here are some pics.

And as for my sweet daughter, she made the volleyball club team at GA Southern.  She loves it and is having so much fun I rarely see her or talk to her.  But that's ok, she's surrounded herself with really good friends who go to church with her.  She will be a counselor this summer at Camp Connect on St. Simons so google and sign up if you want your little ones there.

This cancer saved us both.  We talked about it and want to both be baptized again.  I could not be more proud as a mother.  She has dedicated her life to Christ.  

Anyway, the site is on this link below.  Any amount helps.  And please share.  Of course I need to add some recent pics!


On the way to Church, love this view

Karley came down to Jacksonville to visit

Christmas with my girl

The main cousins (missing Brook)

My girl Sarah Cat and me...They came home for the holidays!

My cousin Lori, she's been an angel to me

Almost the whole family...Someone had to take the pic (missing Callico)

Karley loved the way Mackenzie and Sarah Cat would wake her up.  Yes, thats Mackey on to of her with a pillow.

Lenox, he's meant so much to me.  God blessed me with him.


I didn't have the money too spend, but had to celebrate her birthday far away. She's my angel.

It amazes me that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins.  That is how much he loves us.  As a parent, that kind of sacrifice is not possible for me.  That just shows how much God truly loves us and we should all praise Him, in all circumstances.  There is a reason for everything.


Saturday, January 13, 2024

Cliff Norton - Starting the day with God

As I sit here and drink my morning coffee on this quiet peaceful Saturday morning, I watched a new day begin.  And it all came rushing back.  The reason I quit advocating,  I'm going to Cliff Norton's services next weekend.

I talked to him last November 13, and since moving to Jacksonville, I wanted to meet up with him for lunch but while planning, he had to take a call.  He returned my call later that day and I forgot to call him back.  I thought I would wait on the Holidays to be over.  I thought I had TIME.  Don't we all?

I, never in a million years, would've predicted my Godly inspiration would be going home the first day of 2024.  I loved reading his words of encouragement each day.  He is a funny man and football rival who I would tease because I'm a UGA fan.  He always had a quick witted smart remark since UGA has been dominating so much lately.

I would always be up against him and Stephanie Kohn. We lost Stephanie in 2021, the year my father passed.  Cliff helped me through so much.  Now they are reunited in heaven with their love for the Gators.  

But, I will not be discouraged.  Cliff would want us to carry on and fight.  He would tell us that we are here to bring people closer to Christ and to not be discouraged.  Because we may have troubles in this life, but Christ has overcome the world.  - John 16:33

So, the man, the legend, and my personal inspiration is home and no longer has to suffer.  He's been set free, and in the end, that's all we could hope for.  I'll see you on the other side my friend.  I love you and thank you for the inspiration you always gave to everyone.

I've written a article for Healthline with more detail but this is my picture place, my journal for the world, my journal for my daughter, my baby.  His service will be Jan 20 at 5:30 in Jacksonville for those who want to attend,

In honor of Kelly Shannon

We talked before this, but if you look in the background, Cliff is in the white shirt and I'm in the blue next to him.  We were both speakers at Jacksonville's "Free to Breathe" event.  It was the first time we met face to face back in 2015.

to say we were friendly rivals was an understatement

But we always laughed with each other

Rest In Paradise sweet friend.  I shall see you again. 

My favorite song and one he quoted often, Casting Crowns - Scars in Heaven. PLEASE LISTEN

He is free from this disease.  He won.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

UPDATE - Scan results and pics...(not what I hoped for but I'll take it)

So, we dropped Karley off at Georgia Southern and then I came to Atlanta for scans.  I know I haven't posted in a while, but I'm still here.  I promise to let you all know if I start going downhill.  Nothing worse than reading a lung cancer friend died and you didn't get to say goodbye.

My friend Jessie and I hung out Sunday.  It was super fun.  However, her medication has begun effecting her heart.  Therefore, she's decided to discontinue it at this time.  December will be 8 years of living with lung cancer for her.

I had all of my scans yesterday in hopes that we could spread them out because copays are killing me.  The good news is, there is no knew cancer.  It is still stable and not causing any issues.

The bad news is, I've had another stroke, further damaging my brain.  It happened in the occiputal lobe I believe from the results. It's a distinct FLAIR so my oncologist is getting with my neuro-oncologist on how to proceed.  For now, I'm still on blood thinners and am starting a baby asprin in the mornings.

I have noticed that not only is my memory declining, but it's becoming harder for me to think of words or even spell them.  (so no jokes peeps!). And sometimes I feel like my eyes are crossing.  I'm following up again in 3 months.

I feel very blessed that I'm still here and got to help Karley move in to college.  I got to watch her graduate.  These are milestones that were virtually impossible in 2012.  And some of my closest friends didn't get to experience these.  I know God isn't done with me yet.

Please don't take this as a discouraging post.  It's far from it.  It's been almost 11 years!  And I've had a very good life and don't plan on going anywhere.  But if I do, my friends and family (especially my girl Karley) better remember how much I love them and no tears.  None of us are guaranteed tomorrow.  

You know I love to throw in pics of milestones and my girl and things we do.  

I did lose my best friend, Amanda.  I can't remember what happened, but I know she doesn't want to talk to me anymore.  I'be been worried about her.  I think I worried too much..  We were going to live together after our kids went to college. Because I can't afford to live without a roommate with disability.  So, within a year my entire life plan changed.  I really don't have a plan at the moment.  It's just hard thinking about everything and everyone I've lost over the past few years.

But here are some milestone and fun day pics.  Enjoy and I'll keep you all updated. Oh yeah, we moved out of our house after 8 years.  It was sad.  So many great memories. It's so crazy.  Where do I go from here? (besides more doctors 😞)

Like no more strokes?

My Heart


These things terrify me

Had to get a selfie

Too fast - I remember signing her up for school here

The "moms" - our kids have been friends since Kindergarten

Graduation was freezing rain

Last mother daughter day before college- Barbie-I cried

Yes..She did that to her coach while walking at graduation. lol

Family Photo

Oglethorpe Point Elementary Class of 2023

Moms and daughters in that order -we go WAY back

Graduation and Jennifer Goare made it!

The dynamic duo

Georgia Southern Bound Pirates

Best friends and Varsity Volleyball stars

Class of 2023

One of my favorite senior pics

Counselor in training - Camp Connect

Got to see my lil sis and nieces after 2 years!

Karley's Dorms

GA Southern move-in day

My favorite pic of these two Besties

Love these girls