Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Butterfly

Last Sunday, we arrived home from a few hours at the beach and a large and exquisite butterfly was waiting in our bush.  Ashleigh captured a picture of it.  It flew away but came right back.

In early Christianity, the butterfly was a symbol of the soul.  Its unique lifespan has had different meanings to different religions and parts of the world.  They appear to dance when fluttering around, reminding us not to take everything so seriously in our lives.  They remind us to get up and dance.

The lesson of the butterfly is to let go of old behavior and expand into a new level of existence.  It is a reminder that our current reality must be experienced for us to grow.  It is said we are to embrace these changes while keeping faith in the end results.  The old life is gone and a new one has begun.

Around the world, people see the butterfly as a sign of endurance, hope, change, life, and resurrection.  All of these things are just so beautiful and the fact that maybe one of our friends came back to visit, is somewhat bittersweet.

Today is hard day for my friend Arash and his family as they celebrate the life of Molly Golbon.  She succumbed to this awful cancer a few weeks ago.  We've been praying for strength for her family and friends.

Today is also my dear friend Kelly Shannon's birthday.  Unfortunately, she is still in the hospital in need of prayers.  

I feel blessed that I'm doing well.  And I'm hoping the butterfly was there to let us know that Kelly is going to be just fine.   We don't take anything seriously when we talk or are together.  She is so silly, she knows how to dance, even in the darkness.

In other news, Ashleigh started working, Karley started 7th grade and Livi 8th.   I still love Jesus, my friends and family, and tacos, and the world keeps turning, no matter how bad things get.  It's not going to stop for you, just keep faith in the end results.  I was given 12-18 months to live, and though the road has been tough and I've had so many changes, I'm still here.  I may not be prettier on the outside for sure, but my soul has changed.  It is kinder, and I'm so grateful for that.  Oh, and I've learned to dance in the darkness.

Thank you for all your prayers for not only myself but friends and family.  Arash's family and Kelly's family really need them now.  

Ash at work

Kelly Shannon...so silly