Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Miss Him....

This is to Roy Reynolds.

I talked to your sister last night.  We talked of some of the more ridiculous things I've done lately.  She said she needed it.  She was awfully sad.  I miss you both.  My lack of grace did make her laugh.

So, after I talked about you I had a dream of my make shift bachelorette party. You were the only guy but we had so much fun.   It went from, "I'm going out with Norma Jean" to "Norma Jean is taking your butt home".

You were the one I called to hang out during the day when everyone else had to work.  You listened and understood all of the struggles and I did the same for you.  But for some reason, today I am missing you like crazy.  When Renesha and I got in that huge fight, you stayed out of it.  You were one of the very few genuinely good people I knew.  Your face would light up a room in a heartbeat.  Your smile was a heartbreaker, still is.  Everyone knew it.

What happened to you should have never happened.  If only I could turn back time and make them take you.  But I can't. Holding you in my arms that day as you were slowly leaving us, It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I'm so grateful to have been there to try and comfort you.

All I can do  now is pray for strength for your family.  Renesha needs a sign from you.  You were like a glue holding your family together.  They need you.  Hell, I need you.  You were one of the best friends a girl could have.  And I know, if love could've saved you, that you would be with us right now.

Thank you all for our continuous prayers and please pray for Roys family and friends.

Last minute bachelorette party with Roy and the girls.

Day Drinking - Jason Bartending

Our cancer card

Holly's specialty drink for you

This shirt still makes me cry

Light the Night for Roy

Your crazy sister, crazy friend Brandy, and crazy boss NJ

Renesha and Brandy - So happy

Our Shenanigans - not serious about anything.

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