Saturday, July 30, 2016


So, last night I finally broke.  I was strong for so long,  14 days to be exact.  But I had the girls with me and Brent with me or family in Atlanta.  But last night was different. Karley was at her dad's, which was a good thing considering my state of mind.  Livi and Brent had fallen asleep, like tonight, and it was just me and my thoughts.

As I lay in bed I thought of that day that changed everything.  All the "should haves and could haves" which in the end really wouldn't have mattered much I don't think.

July 14, 2016, I lost the one person I was so close to and could talk about anything cancer related to.  We talked about detachment from loved ones to spare them, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety about the future, confusion on how we should live our lives at this point and how to live them.  It was sudden.  It was unexpected.  And for the first time since I was diagnosed, I realized it broke me.  I didn't realize the severity until last night.

While everyone was sleeping, I replayed that fateful day in my head over and over and it wouldn't stop.  I have been working some in the house Roy lived in to get it ready for another tenant but it smells like him, I look down the hallway and see him there.  I know this has to be rough for Amp too.

I had to help the paramedic that day because the other paramedic couldn't stand the smell of vomit....uhmmmm choose another career field lady.  

I think Roy was confused during his brief moments of consciousness until he realized Amp and I were there.  Then he quit worrying.  It's like he just went to sleep.  I could see the recognition and will forever be grateful for that part.  He knew he wasn't alone.

I say I was finally broken because last night I was.  I was strong for my family, Roy's family and friends, and speaking about our bond and that day at the funeral.  Occasionally tearing up, but fighting it back.  Last night was different.  I facebook messaged him and began to cry uncontrollably.  I think subconsciously I was waiting for Karley not to be here.  I could not stop crying for hours.  I vomited several times and sat in the cold dark bathroom trying not to wake anyone.  I am definitely broken right now and it's going to take quite some time to put myself together.  

I told Brent I can no longer go to the rental house.  It's too much for me.  I'm taking xanax for the anxiety but it only lasts so long.  

Roy was my cancer partner.  He was one of my best friends.  We always came to each other for advice (ok he came to me more than me him) but still.  He gave me another purpose in life. In fact, I can't pretend to imagine what Miss Ola, Renesha and her sisters are going through, along with his very closest friends.  

I just know from my point of view, I will never be the same.  There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled, it will always belong to him.  Some as the question, "Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?"  I believe the answer to that question is that it's better to have loved and lost.  It makes you human, it makes you feel.  

I will eventually be fine, I have my family to take care of, but I don't remember ever being this upset over the loss of someone....ever. 

Rest in Paradise Roy.  I'm crying tonight again and wish you were here to make me laugh by telling a dumb joke or something.  I can't wait to see you again....but I want to watch my girl grow up first.

P.S. we had your Roy Rooftop Relaxer tonight....good job my friend!  Love you.

Please pray for Roy and his family.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him

Roy working so hard at my wedding.   Love

Roy taught me cancer cards don't get you out of all trouble.

Our attempt at an "R" or it can be a cancer ribbon....either way

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Even the Best Fall Down Sometimes

I heard this song today.  It reminded me of the past few days that have been the worst since I was diagnosed myself.  In fact, they are about equal.

"I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes" - Howie Day

Although I know, I will see your face light up again, but I'm not sure when.  Roy Reynolds AKA dada AKA Robertson gained his wings today.  Roy was the kind of person whose smile could wipe away all of your worries.  He was so silly and loved to debate with me over so many things.

When he got diagnosed with leukemia over a year ago.  I went to the hospital almost every day to sit with him.  He didn't want to believe he had cancer.  He was in such denial.  Every day, I tried to drill it into his head.  That's the thing about Roy, he could be stubborn.

Shortly after being released, he moved in across the street from us.  Karley and Livi absolutely adored him.  He was the best tenant and friend anyone could ask for.  He was always helping us and never asked for anything in return.  I was blessed to work with Roy and be his friend for several years.

When he got leukemia, we held a fundraiser for him at Ocean Lodge.  He didn't realize how tired the medicine would make him or the side effects that took place.  He hated them.  He didn't want to really grasp that he was going to be on this medicine forever.   I told him again and again he was my cancer buddy down here and he had to keep the medicine going.

Yesterday morning his sister, Renesha and I took him to the ER for pain.  He had been to the ER several days in a row and they wouldn't admit him.  His gums were bleeding, his nose had been bleeding, and the pain was almost unbearable.

After the ER where he was just given more pain meds and released, Roy and I went to Wendy's.  He, being Roy, tried to pay for my lunch.  I threw his money back at him and told him, "Next time I have to go to the hospital and you have to take me, you can buy me lunch".  With that perfect smile he just laughed and thanked me.

I dropped him off at his house at 12:45, we told each other we loved each other like normal, we knew cancer.  Those were the last words we ever said to each other.

I arrived home around 6 p.m. last evening.  A family friend had found him unresponsive at his home.  We called 911.  He looked at me once, closed his eyes, and I never saw him open them again.  I had no idea what was going on.  I put a pillow under his head and stroked his head telling him it would be okay.  I was so wrong.

The ambulance arrived and he was still unresponsive.  His pupils were normal on the scene, but something happened on the way to the hospital.  I feel so guilty.  I don't know how long he was laying there.  My friend  was laying right across the street, bleeding into his brain with no one to help him.

The hospital here decided the trauma to the brain was too extensive so they air lifted him to Savannah Memorial.  I spent the night in Savannah and went back this morning.  He had no brain activity.  It was decided to take him off life support.

This happened so quickly.  One minute one of my greatest friends down here is okay and the next he's gone.  The girls are devastated, his family and friends are devastated.  I hope he knew how much he was loved by all of us.  Roy was one of a kind, always willing to help someone, never holding ill will.  I really thought that he would live longer than me.  Once again, I was wrong.

Roy, I'm sorry I didn't check on you more.  I'm sorry for not being the friend I should have been.

Please pray for Renesha, his mom, his family, his children, and his friends.  The world lost a great one today, one of the best.  He can never be replaced and will always be in my heart.  Love you Robertson.