Monday, February 2, 2015

Sweet Charlotte

I wanted today to be the day I posted all of the exciting things we did since Thursday in Phoenix for the Taste of the NFL, but that blog will come later along with a lot of pictures.   We did have an amazing time.

But, today, and for the next few days, I'll be at my moms in Atlanta.  My mom has been my rock.  When we first moved to St Simons, we got my mom a precious Maltese. Karley named her Charlotte.  Charlotte was the sweetest dog in the world and quickly became my mom's best friend and companion.

Charlotte went everywhere with my mom and oh, she loved Karley.  She let Karley carry her like a rag doll.

When I was diagnosed,  she licked the tears from my mom's eyes when she was alone crying.  Charlotte slept next to mom's head every night and loved riding in the car with mom.  Mom took her everywhere, even to Kroger up the street.  She was so small, she fit in mom's purse.  She thought she was big though, toughest thing in the world.  Very protective of all of us.

My mom went to St. Simons to stay with my daughter while I was in Phoenix.  My dad, as he has before, was watching Charlotte for her, the stairs are hard on her at my condo.  He has a dog, Dallas, a little bigger than Charlotte.  He always lets them out in the yard together and they got along just fine.  It was raining yesterday, and he let them out front, where they never left the yard, until the German Shepard came out of no where.

I got a text from Karley while switching planes in Denver.  "Charlotte died.  Mee Maw is really sad.  Do not call her".

Of course the first thing I did was call my dad.  He had to let me go because he was in the middle of something but I could hear the panic in his voice.  I quickly got on wifi so I could text to find out what happened.  When we made an unscheduled stop in Kansas, I called my dad and I got the answer.

While Charlotte was out in my dad's yard, the German Shepard, that had apparently been on the run from animal control, grabbed her in his mouth and took off.  My dad chased them and fell, hitting his head on the curb.  The dog finally dropped Charlotte.  My dad quickly rushed her to the emergency vet clinic as fast as he possibly could.  But, the damage had been done.  That awful dog had injured Charlotte so badly, that she had to be put to sleep.  Charlotte never left the yard, on her own.

My entire family is devastated.  We love little Charlotte so much.  She can never be forgotten.  I'm staying with my mom for a few days.  We are going to pick her body up later and bury her in mom's yard to be close.  Karley encouraged me to stay with mom.  She has such a sweet soul.  She held my mom when the news was broken to her.  I'm so proud of my brave girl, not shedding a tear, but being the rock for my mom.  At 10, she amazes me every day.

So, in closing, rest in paradise sweet Charlotte.  You will never be forgotten and we will always love you sweet girl.  

Karley and Charlotte at about age 3

Karley holding Charlotte, they loved each other so much

My sister loving on Charlotte

Karley's face the day we gave Charlotte to my mom

The woman who has always been my rock and me.  I love you mom.

Psalm 18:28
"You, Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light."

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