Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Other Side

I arrived in California Monday to work on a project with the Bonnie J Addario team.  We had never met in reality, just social media.  Her organization is amazing, she's so sweet and dedicated and Samantha, on her team, is so trendy.  I love her taste in clothes.  I can tell how dedicated Bonnie is to advocating for lung cancer, despite the many obstacles facing all of us.  I was also able to attend my first Living Room session but got a little sick so had to leave.  I saw so many of my friends from the community.  Ron and Joan Fong were able to attend.  She isn't doing well and told me she was going to hospice.  She seemed okay with that.  Ron and Joan have a very strong relationship with the Lord.  They left before I did, and when I messaged Ron to tell him "I didn't get to say goodbye", he messaged back, "Joan said she'll see you on the other side".  Talk about reality slapping you in the face.  It is so very sad, but I know she will be free of all of this, and for that I praise God.

 I hated leaving the Living Room early so early.  The doctor I found out I had strep so I got some amoxicillin and just finished my last dose.  I was so sick the first few days out there.

While planning the trip, Molly Golbon passed away from the same mutation that I have.  Her husband, Arash, and I have been friends since Molly's diagnosis.  We thought Molly would respond to treatment like I did.  But every cancer is different.  And unfortunately, she didn't.  When I learned of her passing, the Addario foundation extended my return to Friday (yesterday) so I could see some of my friends including Arash and of course Lisa Goldman.

Everyone is still mourning Molly, I was able to play with the girls while Arash was able to get some things taken care of.  I fell in love with those two girls, Madison and Dillan.  I can totally see Madison and I as partners in crime.  And Dillan is just a ball of energy, laughter, and joy.

Arash and I thought we would go out to a local bar but the girls wanted him back so we weren't gone long.  Most of our time was spent at the Golbon's house.  It breaks my heart those sweet girls have to go through so much at such a young age and Arash become a single father.  He's doing a fabulous job.  It's hard for parents when one is lost forever.  We tend to spoil them out of guilt.  I totally did that with Karley when I was diagnosed.  But, they need spoiling for a little bit.  These children shouldn't have had to lose their mommy.

Arash is stressed and so sad, but I know our lung cancer community will rally around him and his family during this difficult time.  I just wish we all lived closer.  

And we tried to eat meat every night in honor of Lisa Goldman, who in turn made me taste one of those nasty drinks.  Madison spit it out.  She knows, we have good taste!

Anyways, I hope to visit with all of them again, as well as everyone at the Addario Foundation.  It would be great to have network like that here.  But, I know I always have people in my corner, even if they aren't down the street.  

Thank you all for your continuous prayers and please pray for the Fongs and Golbons right now.  I tried to bring a little bit of my southern craziness and silliness to the Golbon home.  They are coping the best way they know how.  

Below are some pics from the trip.  Now, I need to pack because I'm leaving again tomorrow for another week.  My bed is really upset with me for doing this to it but I totally promised I would make up for it when I get back.  God Bless

Bonnie J. Addario

Arash Golbon and Samantha Cummis

Joan and Ron Fong

The Addario Living Room

Eating meat for Lisa

Tried to all fit in so have 5 chins

Love this little one

Totally kidding, she hates it

Lisa Goldman

Partners in crime

Just Dance turned into "Jump on Sam", a new game

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