Monday, July 31, 2017

I Will See You On The Other Side

So, most of you in the lung cancer community know that Joan Fong went home Saturday.  I love Joan and Ron.  I am a Christian, and I'm far from perfect, but they were the first at the LUNGevity Hope Summit this year to praise me for giving so much credit for my survival to God during Lisa and my panel.  They told me it took courage.  It felt good to hear that.  After Molly's passing, I was very upset (my last blog) and was questioning why I'm still here.  Why do I get to stay?  Why are some of us here while others are gone?  It gets depressing when you're losing someone you know nearly every week.  But as I was crying and questioning these things, my phone beeped and there was a message on my Team Samantha Mixon page.  I asked if I could share with all of you and she said it was okay.   This woman is a gift from God.  She came to me when I needed to hear this the most.  I keep rereading it for inspiration.

This is what came through.  I know it's long, but I seriously cried while reading it.  It gave me so much encouragement and inspiration.  I do wish I could've met her daughter.  Thank you Ann for giving me encouragement at the precise moment I needed it:

"Dear Samantha...I have put this message off for almost 5 years now. It wasn't that I thought you were going anywhere; the fact is, I didn't know how to respond. What follows will show you what an unbelievable statement that is.
My name is Ann Tackett, mother/caregiver to Allison Tackett, our precious 26yo daughter we buried the day before thanksgiving 2012. She also had lung cancer ( adenocarcinoma, non-small cell). During the after-shocks of her life, I have followed you all this time, praying for every need or concern, peace and comfort for you and your family...I prayed for God to show you why you are the chosen one to live with this horrible disease and still try to make a normal life for you and your family. I never saw, until your last post about Roy, why perhaps that you are the PERFECT one; the ONE to get the job done that needs doing. YOU !
As our cancer diagnosis and prognosis is handed to us, we all go through the normal emotions and after effects that are usually textbook. I did, our daughter did. But what I see in your blogs now, is that you've "been forced" to join the "cancer club" and to add insult to injury, looks like you've been appointed President by default... you've outlived (mostly) everyone you've ministered to and loved on through their journey. You've had your heart broken so many times. No human should have to go through what you've seen and lived with all the folks you've had the opportunity to work with.
But, from my semi-objective view, I don't see your situation as defined by that stupid cancer, or by all the atrocities it brings...
I see an earthly angel; one who people can count on to hold their hand, wipe the sweat off their heads, take them to the hospital, or pray for them. It appears to me that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing...loving, giving, caring, and hopefully receiving the blessing of our Lord in your own heart. Thank you sweet girl, earthly human angel. I wish my daughter had had a friend such as you when she went through her cancer. You would've loved her. You can see her Facebook under Allison Tackett...we have placed it "In Remembrance Of".
Well, I thought it was time to tell you I have lived your graces, your pain, your blessings, and your family through your blogs...I have loved them, as you have always been frank and candid. That was always ok with me...unless one lives through cancer and its effects, there is no room for judgement of any kind. I see a person who puts others ahead of herself and loves unconditionally. Your family must be so proud to call you wife and mama.
Thank you for believing in the good of mankind...even in your lowest of times and health. I believe in you and your mission. Please continue to post; you never know who you may be touching...or even changing their current or eternal life.
God bless you sweet angel.❤️
Ann Aspinwall Tackett"

Thank you all for your continuous prayers and please pray for the Fongs.  I can't wait for that pasta party, as Karley would say. I always add pics, so here are a few of Myrtle Beach and the mountains.  It's good to be home.   I hope her message resonates with some of you long term survivors out there.  It is not the life for the weak...Rest in Paradise Joan, you are a true testimony to God.


  1. I, too, cried when I read Ann's sweet text to you. It's hard not to ask why about so much of this nasty disease. I'm only 17 months in but I know I've already had more time than so many others. I'm trying to use time to educate others and bring awareness. Glad I found your blog.

    1. Thank you so much. She did help I think a lot of us that surpassed our "expiration date" are always feeling survivors guilt.

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