Thursday, November 17, 2016

Just when I thought things were "normal"

Things went south Tuesday..  I was fine all morning, had just gotten ready to go volunteer at my old job when the pain started.  I felt like someone was stabbing me and twisting the knife in my right Hunched over I walked to the kitchen and found the Tramadol prescribed for Data (our dog) after neutering.  He wasn't on it long and I know it wasn't too powerful because he's a yorkie.  After laying there for a wile I made my way back to the bed and called my friend Cheri on the island to take me to urgent care.

She was at my house in minutes and we waited in urgent care.  Once they saw me they began giving me IV fluids (I was vomiting).  Then they told me they weren't equipped to handle my case so had called for an ambulance.  Great - another bill!
Once arriving in the ER I explained that I had an ovarian cyst on the left and one on the right.  The one on the right was significantly larger and that's where the pain was coming from.  My last petscan it measured at 4 cm.  The previous petscan before that, it was 2 cm.

So, we knew it was growing.  My oncologist asked that I go see my OBGYN.  I made the appt and saw her last Thursday.  She didn't see anything wrong with them and said they'll probably go away on their own.

Well, my right one went out with a bang Tuesday.  The 4 cm cyst ruptured, son the same side I've had radiation, etc  The pain was horrific.  Thank God I was already dressed with make up on.  My last ambulance  ride I only had a robe on.

After a multitude of tests, this is what I heard them say "you have a cyst on your left ovary but not one on your right".  Well, let me tell you, it's hard being right all of the time!  JK  It had ruptured.

I have to go back tomorrow if I'm still having pain to ensure it's not a hemorrhagic bleed and please excuse any errors in this as I am seeing 2 screens right now....about to go back to sleep.

This has nothing to do with my cancer, praise the Lord, it's just a small hurtle during this lifetime.  And with all that I've been through and my cancer friends have been through, this is probably a laughable thing.   But let me tell you....I hate pain!  The pain pills help so much though.  But I've been taking with phenegran so I don't get sick.

It beats taking dog pain pills.  My dad has consumed cat food on more than one occasion, so I think of that and it makes me feel a little bit better about myself.  Lol!

Thank you God for making this small bump in the road one that I can easily pass.  Thank you all for your continuous prayers and support and since I'm not in pain, you may go ahead and laugh at the fact that I thought to take dog pain killers.  I mean, really?  Who does that?  This desperate girl.  And thank you for staying with me Cheri.  You won over the heart of my mom for sure!

God bless you all!

PS - couldn't write in my lung cancer blog, during lung cancer awareness month, without something to do with lung cancer, so see below.

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