Monday, October 10, 2016

Results and so much more...

Wow.  This last week has been insane.  I came to Atlanta last Sunday.  My neighbor, childhood caretaker, and the woman closer than any grandmother passed away, Ruby Williams.  I was sad for the first two days.  Crying uncontrollably.  But when I went to her funeral, I was happy.  She was 93.  She was ready to go.  She lived her life and was feisty and sassy until the end.  Although I don't remember my life without her in it, I know for sure she's in a better place and she's happy.  I could be selfish and remain sad, but she wouldn't want that.  I love you Miss Ruby. 

Then, Thursday I had an MRI and Petscan.   My MRI was clean.  My Petscan showed stability with a blood SUV of 2.2 and inflammatory neoplastic disease in my right lower lobe.  I guess that's the usual norm.  And a cyst that continues to grow.  So we have to take care of that.  Praise God for giving me more time!

Thursday the decision was also made for my family to evacuate St Simons due to the approaching hurricane Matthew.  

I was so elated they arrived safely here at my mom's house, as the evacuation was mandatory.  

Saturday night we did the Light the Night Atlanta in honor of Roy Reynolds who left us July 14th.  It felt good to be there in his honor but I also got a little upset.  He's not here.  He left too soon.  It was hard to hear survivor stories when he's gone.  I kept feeling it wasn't fair.  I will remember this when I speak at events from now on.  Yes, I want to give people hope.   But I also want to be sensitive to the people who have lost loved ones to cancer....the people that feel their loved one should still be here.  

It's now Monday.  School is still out until next Monday in the wake of hurricane Matthew.  We are allowed to go home tomorrow but opted to go to Helen, GA for a short vacation. Our home, from what we've heard, is okay.  Our rental, however wasn't so lucky. We won't know until we get home if the Damage is significant.  

So all in all we have been extremely blessed this week.  I give that all to God.  Praising Him for the good health news and news about our house.  

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  1. Hey Sam! Glad to hear you guys are ok after Matthew and it sounds like St Simons was spared. Also glad to hear you are doing ok.

    1. Thanks! There was some flooding to homes near east beach. Crab trap and crabdaddys were a river. We head back today to start clean up of our yard. Brent sent pics. Looks like a jungle.

  2. Sorry about Ms. Ruby. I'm glad God allowed you the time to celebrate Roy and have another memory making vacation in Helen! Such a beautiful place this time of year! Praise God for another great round of results and more time for you to enjoy this beautiful life with your family and friends. Your strength and zest for life are inspiring to so many, Sam. We miss you all and still keep you close in our prayers. God is good!

    1. Thank you Meagan! We miss you guys too. You okay about Ms Ruby. She was ready. I was very happy for her. I didn't shed a tear at the funeral. Maybe facing death daily changes you or maybe I believe enough where she is and know she's happier.

      And yes. It was good for my soul to celebrate Roy. I'm sure he was looking down and laughing at my attempts to dance.

      We had a great time in Helen! Even saw some local SSI folks there. Small world.

      Keep in touch and thank you for your prayers! Give Hannah a hug for us too. Karley misses her a lot.