Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a New Year!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to your new year!

Karley and I are still in Atlanta visiting family. We head back to St Simons Sunday and then I will be back in Atlanta Wed for my pulmonary appt. All of this traveling is exhausting!

We had the best Christmas ever and a wonderful New Year celebration with close family and friends. We have all been so thankful, and watching my little girl slowly growing into this caring, empathetic little lady has been amazing. Her best Christmas present she said, "they can't see mommy's cancer".

It makes me so happy to see relief through her eyes, but as my fellow lung cancer friends know, the battle is far from over. That's where God comes in. We just have to trust in His plan and not worry about what is next. He wants us to live in the present, not the future or the past.

That being said, I've sadly come to realize that I can't please everyone or make everyone happy. I feel like I've lost a few friends over this, but my true ones are still here. Some days I don't feel well, making it hard to plan. So instead of canceling, I don't like to make plans until the last minute. For instance today, not feeling so well. I've been up since 3 am so instead of taking the kids to visit with some friends next to my dad's house, I'm laying in the bed listening to them play mind craft. Crazy kids.

But, this is my life. Good or bad, I know that God is always with me. I guess you have to walk in another's shoes to truly understand the hardships they deal with. I know I'm blessed, but I'm also human and have my fears sometimes. I will live with these forever. My life is changed forever. It's just up to me as to what I do with it.

So, for 2014 and beyond, I am going to grow closer in my relationship with God, make more memories with my daughter, and advocate for lung cancer awareness. This battle is far from over.

Forgiveness, in our short time here on earth, is essential. Letting hate into our heart only hurts us.  It's not what God wants for us, He forgives us all of the time.  Plus, you never know what tomorrow holds so forgive while you can.  You don't want regrets haunting you...

Matthew 6:27
"Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?"

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