Monday, February 18, 2013

The Circus!

Karley and I flew to Atlanta this past Friday.  It was freezing!!  Friday night I went out to eat with my friends Reggie and Amanda.  I eat so healthy when I'm in St. Simons and save my unhealthy splurges for the nights I get to visit with good friends. I eat at La Parilla EVERY time I go to Atlanta these days.

With a special thanks to Chanda Dabney and Phillips Arena, Karley got to see her very first Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus on Saturday.  It was such a gift!

We had a blast.  Reggie, Amanda, Conner, Ashleigh, Karley and I were all given tickets in the club section.  Karley said her favorite part was when the elephants "hugged shoulders".   Even though it was freezing outside, the trip was more than worth it!  It was a great show!

She looked a little nervous so close to that elephant!   I'm so blessed to be able to spend this quality time with Karley and my friends.  Some people are not so blessed.  I'm thankful for every moment.

I have no new information regarding my health.  I won't get that until March 12th.  I don't think of myself as having cancer most days anymore.  I sleep a lot more and save my energy for Karley.  I love hearing her laughter, it's so inspiring.  

I continue to pray daily and look to the Lord for my strength and healing.  He gives me the strength to not dwell on things beyond my control, allowing me to be happy and love my life regardless of my circumstances.   I still have complete faith in Him.

Thank you all for continued prayers and support.  I'm so blessed to have such great supporters and prayer warriors.  Please continue praying for Dylan, Jean, and Tim.  I mentioned their battles in a previous post.  Also, please pray for Maddie Briscoe and her continued success in remission from Stage IV Neuroblastoma.  Finally, my friend Reggie is having some health issues as well.  Please pray for his healing.  I know these are a lot of prayers and we appreciate them more than you all know!   God is capable of amazing things, Maddie is living proof of that!

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