My sweet angel

My sweet angel

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Final Day - MD Anderson

I woke up this morning expecting to see a pulmonary doc.   Instead, I got a call from my oncologists office.   They were canceling the rest of my appts and wanted me in her office at 11 am.  Yet, she was supposed to be off.

I had a feeling it wasn't a good sign, I was correct.   Apparently the CT scan showed the cancer was throughout both lungs.  The equipment was not able to pick up on it in Atlanta I guess because it was very small.

It's no longer localized so radiation or surgery are no longer options.

I'm beginning Tarceva today which has proven effective in stopping and sometimes regressing cancer in a majority of patients with my mutation.   My doc told me that it has a 2 yr. 50% survival rate.   However, it will quit working one day.   At that point, I pray the cancer will have  regressed enough to have surgery or radiation.

So, that's where we are.   I'm desperate to get out of here so am waiting for my prescriptions and can hopefully catch a flight back to Atlanta tonight.  I'm praying a cure can be found soon for this.   I have a follow up here 2/4/13 to see how the Tarceva is working.  

I'm trying to stay strong in my faith.  It's so hard with this news.   I'm sure God has a plan for me, and I will never ever stop fighting.   I can't wait to hold my little girl again.

It's just one of those bad days during this roller coaster of a fight.

 I'm very emotional and don't feel like talking much today.

Thank you for all your prayers and PLEASE keep them coming.   I need them.   Please keep Tim Gravitt in your prayers too.  We both have a huge fight on our hands!

Every day is a gift.   That's why I just want to go home now.

Love you all!

Matthew 19:26


  1. My prayers are with you and your family during this unimaginably difficult time. We will continue to pray for you everyday and with our church family. Keep the faith.... "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." Isaiah 40:29

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement girl!

  2. Sam-we went to Jonesboro HS together, and I am not even sure you would remember me. Nonetheless, I have been following your blog and wanted to let you know that you have been on my heart throughout your journey. Undoubtedly, today was one of your hardest days. I am praying for peace and I am praying for fight. I pray that you respond favorably to the medication and treatment plan. Keep strong, but don't deny yourself a good cry...they can be therapeutic!

    Mindie Wise Felcher

    1. Dear Mindie,

      I remember you ;) Thank you so much for the prayers! God bless you!