Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1 - MD Anderson

I spent most of the night crying last night, being so far from home and missing Karley so much is getting to me.  There isn't much to do but think when you are sitting in a hotel room.   I also learned that an old high school friend had recently been diagnosed with cancer too.   Please keep Tim in your prayers as well.  We are so young, so we have a lot of fight!

So, on to MD Anderson, we arrived on time and everyone was so friendly, walking us to each area we needed to go.   We met some great people in each of the lobbies we waited in.  I even met a young 30 yr old mother of a 6 mth old boy with stage IV lung cancer as well.   It helped me hear other stories, knowing I'm not alone.   Because, lately, I've been lonely.   I shouldn't because I know our Lord is always with me and shall never forsake or abandon me, but it was good for me to hear others talk about their journeys thus far.  

Mom has had a rough morning.  I cried like a baby last night so I guess we are even now.  

The doctors assistant came in first and went over my medical history and did a series of neurological tests.   I told them that they were just one of many physicians training me to successfully pass a field sobriety test if intoxicated.   That was amusing for everyone, but I swear I take one every time I see a new doctor.   I understand it's because I just had brain surgery and they are just checking.   It's just so funny to me.    I passed it by the way.  

Next, I met with Dr. Glisson.  She felt Tarceva is a very effective systemic therapy that may shrink the tumor  if we have a curative intent.   She believes, as I do, that we should be aggressive but needs more information about the staging of the cancer in my mediastinum (area containing the heart).   

Therefore, I am going to need a Bronchoscopy for staging.  Before this is done, I am required to have a pulmonary consult, repeat CT scan and chest x-ray (scheduled for Wed.), pulmonary function test, and meet with a surgeon and radiation specialist.   The bronchocopy will stage the mediastinum, which pretty much dictates my treatment plan and if surgery is possible.

She did mention a clinical trial that I would be good for.  

After asking if I could be cured, she did say yes.   But, she followed with something to the effect of "even with the resection of the cancer in the lung (if it's at all possible), there is a 20% 5 year survival rate at that point".    

20% is better than 2%.  So, more waiting for appointments and more tests.   

Basically, it's in God's hands and there is nothing I can do about any of it, just have Faith.   Faith that the Lord will heal me, Faith that I will be there for Karley as she grows up, Faith that this disease will leave my body because Jesus paid for my healing over 2,000 years ago.  

In the meantime, as I await, I'll sit here and pull the stitches out of my head from the brain surgery in November.   Pretty gross huh?  It's ok, don't worry, one of the MD Anderson surgeons said it was okay.

I'll let you all know anything as I find it out.....

Matthew 19:26

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  1. MD Anderson is the best place on the planet for Cancer treatment, my dad has been there twice and diagnosed terminal once, 5 years ago. They have the best and brightest in research and are extremely aggressive in their methods, you're in the right place Samantha. You are in my thoughts and prayers.