Thursday, December 20, 2012

Piedmont Post Op

So after I was released from Piedmont, I stayed with my mom.   Everyday my friends were by my side....all day long.  I just love them.

I went in for a PetScan around Dec. 3rd and a follow up with the Oncologist Dec. 4th.   It was relatively good news.  They had removed the tumor from the brain and the remaining cancer looked confined to the right lung and the middle area of the lungs.   For the first time since meeting my Oncologist, he said he had hope.   He suggested, as the treatment plan, to wait 3 weeks after brain surgery and begin 4 rounds of chemotherapy (the most aggressive kind) every 3 weeks followed up with radiation to the chest.   They would check after the first two rounds to see if it was working.  Of course, I wanted a second opinion, that's just what you do.

I went to Mayo in Jacksonville, FL for my second opinion on Dec. 11th.  According to that Oncologist, my genetic testing had since come in showing that I tested  positive for EGFR, a mutated gene, which apparently makes me eligible for a newly FDA approved drug called Tarceva, which targets the cancer cells only.   Unfortunately, my body would eventually build a resistance to the drug and I would end up doing chemo and radiation anyways.  I love when they say, "It's not curable, but it is treatable" .

Now I was really confused.   Not knowing which option to go with, I contacted my oncologist in Atlanta.  He agreed the pill was fine, but I was not convinced it was aggressive enough.   Then the Mayo oncologist called me back and said she suggested chemo then surgery (which I was originally told it was inoperable).

AGGGGHHHHH!!!   So, I did what any sane person would do.  I contacted MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.   I now have an appointment set up for 1/7/13.   I can't start any treatment until then so as to not interfere with what they want to do.  The only procedure I have left until then is on 1/3/13 for an outpatient brain gamma knife radio-surgery    This is to ensure all of the cancer around the cavity of where the tumor was removed is completely gone.  

As of today, the outpouring of support from friends, family, and coworkers has been amazing.   My mom's work collected money for me as well as my church, St. Simons Community Church, for travel expenses and medical bills that are already piling up.  I praise the Lord for these people and for every day He continues to fight with me.  Every day is a blessing, it should be treated that way.

I'll update more soon....


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