Friday, June 1, 2018

Thank You!

It's been over a month since my last post.  I guess you could say that's a good thing.  No news is good news right?

Well, today I finally gave in to this stupid cold I've been trying to fight off for a few days now.  So, while lying here in bed, I'll sum up this past month.

I went to Atlanta Wednesday May 9th for my 3 month CT Scan and results.  The scan actually made me sick this time, which it hasn't done before, but it wasn't too bad.  Friday we were to get results.

We arrived on time at the oncologist.  My dad was in some pain and had helped organize an event for me that was to take place the next day so I asked him to stay home.  I'm so glad he did.  As I was walking to go pay my copay, a piece of the laminate table was sticking out.  I am a fast walker, always have been.  I ran into that piece full force and it went through part of my leg above my thigh kneecap and back out (like some tribal piercing).

I didn't realize what had happened at first.  I was at the desk and suddenly realized a sharp pain in my leg.  I looked back at the table and notice a piece was missing.  Then I looked down and found that piece in my leg.  The office immediately pulled me to the back and put me in a wheelchair.  I am on blood thinners for life since my pulmonary embolisms in January.  I just wanted my results!  Then, the pain set in.  The oncologist took one look and said, "you're going to have to go to the ER".

So, my mom went downstairs to pull the car around while a nurse and the office manager wheeled me down in my white blood soaked jeans by this time.   I seriously looked like I got shanked in the oncologists office.  Many of you who are my friends on FB have heard this story and seen the pics, but for those who haven't, I've included some great ones.

After arriving at the ER I was immediately taken back.  Once the pain meds kicked in, all I wanted was my results.  Nevermind the piece of laminate sticking through my leg.   Well, my results and bloodwork were stable.  The office called me with the info.  I was thrilled (not about the leg).

The ER doc removed it the same way it went in after numbing it.  It was wrapped and I was given 7 days of antibiotics.  It's still so ugly right now healing up.  Not beach material at all!  That was enough for the day.  No celebration.  I just wanted to sleep.

The next day I arrived at Hammers Bar and Grill where my dad and co-workers were doing a benefit for me to help with medical bills.  I was amazed at the turnout.  People I haven't seen in years were there.  We all had a great time.  My old boss flew up from SSI and one of my friends drove up.  I was so glad they could make it.  They were able to raise over $6,000 for me.  It has been a tremendous help.  I owed so much from the embolisms, checkups, scans, tests, and the week long stay in the hospital.  And I had filed bankruptcy 16 days before I ended up in the hospital so couldn't include any of that.  So, now I feel like I can breathe thanks to all of my family and friends who came out and the ones that donated on the GoFundMe site along with the crew at Hammers.  I sincerely thank you!  They say it takes a village, and I love my village.  I was glad my whole family got to be there (mom, dad, and lil sis & brother in law).  It's very rare we are all in the same state.

There were plenty of raffles and we tried (unsuccessfully) to play volleyball.  Face it guys, we're getting old.  My daughter would have killed it out there.  Mandy Busch's efforts were my favorite.   Love you Mandy!  After a while, I became so hot that I started getting goosebumps.  I didn't think that was a good sign so my friend Norma Jean and I stayed at a hotel across the street.  She put cool compresses on me to bring my temp down.  She's always taking care of me somehow.

We had a pretty low key Memorial Day.  It rained here so we mainly just hung out at the house and Karley HAD to have Japanese food.  I told her she really needed to study up on her history.

So, that's about it for the month of May.  My dad turned a little bit older and had a unicorn cake at my event.  My 3 year old niece picked it out.  It had sparkles.  I am going to overload this post with pictures from the event, memorial day, and the some of the professional shots from LUNGevity that came out, thanks to their photographer, Ellis.  Enjoy, and I promise not to take so long to write again!  May was a good month.  I've noticed my fatigue increase a little, but I'm still so blessed to be here.

Thank you all for your continuous prayers for my family, friends and me.  I don't know where we would be without them.  Thank you God for allowing me to have this time with the people I love.

Hammer's Event

LUNGevity Extras


Memorial Day

I still have so much faith in mankind because of all of you.