Friday, January 20, 2017

Results 1.20.17....And now we wait

So, many of you know that my petscans are no longer being allowed per my insurance.  I found this out 2 days ago.  They are allowing CT scans every 3 months now though.  The problem is, these are two different scans, and therefore cannot be compared in great detail.  So, we did see a difference, but have no CT scan, except from 2013, to compare it too.  It could have been there all along, but the PET didn't pick it up.  Therefore, we wait.

In my left lobe, one of the nodules looks to be separating, or it could have been that shape the whole time.  If I go back in 3 months and there is a change, then we will do a PET to see if there is any active cancer.  I have a total of 3 nodules throughout my left and right lungs.

Lately, I've had a cough and have been clearing my throat constantly.  My oncologist feels it may be post-nasal drip, So I get to take Flonase twice a day to try and rectify that.

So, I would love to tell you that everything is stable, but I can't because I don't have the same type of scan to compare it to as in the past.  For now, I just pray it's always been there and not separating.

Luckily, non-small cell lung cancer grows slowly, so in 3 months we will be able to determine more without much of a risk.  So, more living in limbo....ahhh.   Never thought this would be my life, but I don't think many people really have the life they thought they would have.  I'm blessed to still be here and am just tired after today.  Scans are stressful, leading up to them, and then after results you are totally emotionally exhausted.  Therefore, I'm going to sleep, then get some flonase and hope the coughing stops.

I know so many more people have it worse than I do.  My prayers go out to you.  I can't express what it feels like to see my child turn 12 and be alive in 2017!  I really didn't think it would happen.  I'm a worrier but am working on not being so much of one.

Thank you for your continuous prayers for my family and me.  Please keep them up, especially over the next 3 months.  I really want that comparison to be stable.  But, I do know it's in God's hands, and in that I trust.  Why worry over something beyond our control?  It just causes more stress.

Please pray for Tim Gravitt's friends and family.  I'll be attending his service tomorrow and as much as I hate crying, I think I'm going to cry.  The first person to reach out and give me hope, by telling me how they gave his mom a few months and she lived 6 years with lung cancer, is gone.  He left us January 8th too soon and unexpectedly, but he will always be in my heart.  He was such an advocate for everyone who has gotten sick.  He was brilliant.  And I miss him already.  Rest in paradise my friend.

God Bless.  And Rise Up!  Go Falcons!  (sometimes it's the little things)

Rest in Paradise friend 

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