Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Thought It Was Heartburn..I Was Wrong

So last evening, after almost two days of what I thought was heartburn, got a "go to the ER" from my oncologist.  So, I did.

After 5 hours, scans and tests, it was determined that I have pneumonia, or that's what it looks like.  I got 5 days of steroids and follow up in Atlanta with my pulmonary doc if I'm not better or get worse before then. Yay cancer! (sarcasm for those that don't know me).

Let me tell you, it is painful, very painful to swallow or breathe deep. It also looks like the pneumonia is around my primary tumor that is hopefully still inactive.  We will find out around June 19th.  Please pray for it all to be still in active.  I can handle pneumonia.

So, I'm having a hard time sleeping but about to take another sleeping pill and rest for the next few days.  It's just so frustrating.  I thought I was overreacting by going to the ER, but when it comes to cancer, you can never be too careful.  So don't feel silly if you go and nothing is wrong.   Better to be safe than sorry!

Now that we know something is wrong, probably pneumonia, I can keep an eye on it and take care of it.  I just have so much to do this week, it's going to be hard to not do it.  I'm blessed to have friends and family that are willing to help.

Well, that's the update for now.  I'm about to try and go back to sleep.  So happy for the ID channel that's my 24 hour a day go to entertainer when I'm so tired.

Thank you for your continuous prayers for my friends and me.  They mean so much.  You all make me feel so blessed.  And most importantly, I thank God for still being here.

Silver Lining:  No blood clot, I'm still here, get to rest by doctor's order (but will be hard)!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Is That a Half Cancerversary?

The goal of my blog today is to beat Lisa Goldman in getting it out there.  It seems like it's been a year since my last one, but really it's been a week.  So, what's changed in a week?

I got out of that funk I had due to the stress overload.  Thank you for all of your prayers.  I moved to a house and away from the third floor condo I've been in for nearly 5 years.  Thanks to John, Dustin, Waggy, etc. for moving my furniture and Wes, Karley, and Zoe for helping me unpack and break it in and my new neighbor Brent for all he's done including feeding me that first night (I literally had no food!).  I never really knew my neighbors at the condo, but this seems like it will be a great neighborhood for Karley.  One of her friends even lives across the street.

Jace and Sugar (the cats) have decided they will no longer drink tap water since moving, and are now only drinking bottled water.  Seriously.  I couldn't get them to drink until I gave them bottled water.  It's been stressful for them, but they'll be fine.

I still haven't finished moving everything, but most of it is here and will try to get the rest out this week.  

In other news, I didn't mention this in my last few blogs, but I got awarded Healthline's Top 10 Lung Cancer Blogs of 2015.  You can read the full list here http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/best-lung-cancer-blogs  Thank you Healthline for such an honor.  I've met a lot of these people and they are amazing.  We had a little group at the Lungevity Summit. 


Never, did I think I would be a blogger.  But, it's a really good outlet when you go through so much emotionally and physically.  You don't have to explain your story and cry.  You write, others read, and maybe you can help someone else in the same situation.  

Well, that's my quick update for now.  Thank you for your continuous prayers.  Next week will be exactly 2 1/2 years since diagnosis.  Is that a half cancerversary?  I've never been big on half birthdays, but I think this calls for a celebration.  November is so far away!

Please continue praying for Gretchen Mitchell Anderson and Carmen Frye.  Your prayers are helping so much.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Will This Roller Coaster Ever Stop?

So, it's been 5 days since my last post.  Already that roller coaster is flying downhill.  I'm not feeling cancer sick.  I'm feeling cancer sad.  This is my life now, like so many others.  I live in a resort area where good work is hard to find and stressful.  At least my old job was, but it paid the bills.  Stress isn't good for cancer, and I plan on living a long time by the grace of God.   I'm also tired a lot but recently started taking some vitamins.  I want to work again but just get exhausted after a few hours in the office.   I also don't want to work full time, I want as much time with Karley as possible.

Therefore, as of now, disability is my best option considering I have no idea when the tarceva will quit and I'm trying to get as much done as I can before it does.  Unfortunately. I'm now forced into Medicare.  Which, I don't know how in the world people understand it.  And it's more expensive than my previous insurance.  Sorry people, I tried not to take Medicare.  It's frustrating not understanding anything.  Plus trying to get new insurance for my daughter isn't a walk in the park either.  For me, more deductibles and co insurance on disability income in this area is financially breaking me.  I stay here so john and Karley can remain close though.  I want them to always be close.  Being a single mom and juggling this stinks.  John has been a lot of help.  He takes her 3 nights a week and that gives me some rest.  My stress level is just insane right now.  I guess I just wish my family were closer, as were my doctors.

And we are moving to a house on the island.  The rent is less and it's not the third floor.  No more stairs but moving and costs are crazy too.  Thank goodness for my mom and john right now.

This isn't how I pictured my life.  I guess not many people are living the life they pictured either.  I guess it would be nice to have family close to comfort Karley in the event something happened.  But I trust God to take care of that.  He will give me the right people in my life here.

Sorry for the ranting.  I can't sleep and so tired.  Thank you for your continuous prayers and please keep them up for us as well as Carmen Frye  and Jon Hicks.  All cancer survivors still fighting like me.  And please take some extra time to pray for Gretchen Mitchell Anderson.  She is fighting the brain cancer so hard.  It's a monster.  She needs extra prayers tonight.

Silver lining today:  I cried and it felt good

Good night all.  And God Bless You!

Matthew 19:26.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lungevity - Hope and more Hope

Finally home after a weekend at the Lungevity Hope Summit 2015. It was an amazing and inspiring experience.

For so long I've talked to these people, but I haven't met them in person, although I did want too, but we are from all over the country so didn't think it would ever be possible.

It's different talking to someone who relates to you so well. I did learn a lot, but my favorite part was meeting other survivors. It made me feel normal...like my old world was not normal, but this one was. My new normal was actually normal normal for the first time in 2 1/2 years. It was so refreshing. And I'm not sure that made any sense to you, but it does to me.

The people from Lungevity and the guest speakers were great. I was able to speak with Nancy Brinker (founder of Susan G Komen for a cure), Dr. Flores, and some former NFL player, Chris Draft from Team Draft, (who forgot to bring me a falcons shirt). Yes Chris, called you out. But, Chris did rock his speech. It was phenomenal.

Everyone was so inspiring and I got to meet pretty much all of my fellow bloggers and about 150 survivors total. So thank you Katie, Andrea, Nikole, and the rest of the Lungevity team for making all of this possible. People aren't just Facebook pics anymore thanks to you all!!!

I can see why they call it the "Hope Summit". I will definitely be back next year!

Here are some photos from the event:

Finally, I know I'm always asking for prayers, and I thank you all for the ones you continuously pray for me. And right now I have a few friends that are in need.

Gretchen Mitchell Anderson really needs our prayers. She is dealing with brain cancer and it continues to spread. She is in the depths of the fight for her life. She has two young daughters. Please take a moment and pray for her. Here is a link to her Caring Bridge page for updates: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/gretchenanderson

Also, please keep you prayers coming for Carmen Frye as she has her own battle. Ladies, you are not alone. Don't ever forget that. We are all fighting with you. These are both former high school class mates and friends. Just throwing that out there Jonesboro.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share for as many prayers as we can get!