Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lots of Living

It's been a while since my last post.  I've been super busy living.  I can't say I'm sorry for that, but I am sorry for not updating.

Since my last post, we've made no progress with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I can't deal with it anymore so my wonderful mom and her colleagues are going to take over at this point.  I can't keep fighting with them, it's too draining.

On to non cancer related matters...I was blessed to be able to travel to North Carolina with Stephen and Karley to be in Matt and Jen's wedding.  Jennifer and I have been close friends for several years now and she's like a sister to me.  She was the one holding my hand and crying with me in church after my diagnosis.  I was honored to be there for her special day.  I know it's a lot of pictures.  I should have been updating earlier.

We got to North Carolina on Thursday so we could spend Friday exploring before the rehearsal dinner.  Karley took her first horseback trail ride, up a mountain, over the river and through the woods.  She LOVED it!  So did I.

We also went panning for gems.  She loved this too.  But it was freezing!

This was Karley's first trip to the mountains.  She was absolutely terrified when we were on those steep winding roads.  She got over it though and fell in love with them.  

It was an amazing trip and I was so happy to go.  When Jen first got engaged, I begged her to have her wedding towards the beginning of the year.  I was afraid I wouldn't make it.  But, this month is the 18th month!  18 months of living with lung cancer.

When I tell people, they are amazed.  I know, I don't look it.  But I will tell you that I was asleep no later than 10 p.m. each night I was there.  I just can't be out like I used to.  My energy level is just not up to par some days.

After returning from NC, Karley got her CRCT scores.  We had been worried.  She wasn't performing in school as well as we knew she was capable of doing.  So, we pushed her harder.  I'm learning to be a little more strict with her now.  In the beginning she got away with everything, because I felt guilty for being sick.  I wanted all of her memories of me to be good so I tried not to punish her for anything.  BIG MISTAKE.  I feel partially responsible for when she started slacking.  But thanks to John and Stephen, constantly encouraging me to stick with punishments and rewards, we've gotten back on track.  She exceeded on every subject on the CRCT.  I couldn't be more proud of her school work now.  She got to show us all of her scores at "Muffins with Mom and Dad" yesterday.

We are so proud of her.  My sweet angel.

So, nothing new on the cancer front to report.  I've just been living!  My next PetScans are in late June.  I'll keep you all updated on any news with regards to insurance or my health or my new normal when they happen.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.  They mean so much.  And thank God for giving me this time with my family and friends.  He is truly amazing.

I'll leave with this painting I did for Karley's room.  Our bible study class met Wednesday to paint.  I love those girls.  I picked this verse out for Karley, I know she will need it one day.  God bless you all!