Saturday, December 14, 2013

Post Results

So it's been over 24 hours since my good news and I wanted to update as promised.  

I have a lung infection and will be on steroids for 6 weeks with a follow up in January.  It's been a little painful and making me pretty sleepy.  But, we are working on that.

I know I'm not out of the woods.   I still have the EGFR mutation and always will.  Yet, His amazing grace has given me the best Christmas present I could ask for.   I now have more years.  More years to fight, to live, to watch Karley grow up, and to praise Him for the miracle of life He has given me.   It is truly a miracle.  Last year I was told I had 12-18 months to live.  This Christmas will be like any other, and I'm so thankful for this gift. 

Now, I have hope.  I have more hope than I've had my entire life, about anything.  It's amazing the way you look at things when you know you are living on time that you know has been given by the grace of God.   I'm not sure we are born knowing that.  Without cancer, I'm not sure I would have realized that.   

I'm not trying to shove religion down any person's throat by any means.  I just know that my God has given me a few more years to live and fight.  We are fighting for a Cure!

I can't describe how much love I've felt from everyone.  It's been incredible.  I hope that you know all of your words of encouragement and inspiration and prayers have kept me as positive as I am.  They've meant so much and I still need them.  We still need them.  So please, don't give up on us or stop praying for us.  It can come back, we will always need your prayers until we find a cure.

Until then, I will keep you all updated on our fight and my progress.  

I hope you all have a very blessed and Merry Christmas.  Make sure you tell your loved ones how much you care for and love them.  Every day is a blessing.  You never know when that can change.  

God bless and love you all!  Please keep your faith...  

Until my next blog, I leave you with a verse Mr. Jimmy Livingston reminded me of:

Matthew 15:28
Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith!  Your request is granted."  And her daughter was healed from that very hour.


  1. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm prima. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger

    too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.


  2. I am so thrilled for this news, Samantha!! Prayers will continue for you and for Karley also. So So So happy for you!! --Lauren Prince