Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas was great!  Karley stayed with me Christmas Eve and we went to John's Christmas day (after opening her gifts from Santa at my place).  She got everything she wanted....Kindle Fire from Mee Maw, Furbee from Grandmama, a remote control helicopter from Daddy, doll horse from Granddaddy, doll bike from Aunt Brookie, and Santa got a bunch of Beiber stuff.

John & Karley gave me a beautiful diamond cross and a stuffed animal lamb to sleep with in Houston.  And, an old acquaintance from high school, whom I now consider a friend, sent me some pretty inspirational reading materials (thanks Sean!)  My lil sis gave me a custom made memory book, mom and dad are financially helping me (which is more than enough), Stephen gave me some gift cards to finally go by myself some clothes.  And so many others have offered to help me with anything I need, which is amazing!

 During the day on Christmas Eve, she even got to go to The Cloister at Sea Island to visit with Santa with her friend Bella.  Thanks Deena!

A few days after Christmas we went to Nemours again to follow up on her right ear, which still has a hole in the right eardrum.   We will have to make a decision in June whether or not to have another surgery to try and close it again.   Hopefully it will close on its own.

Finally, Karley and I made the trip to Atlanta on 12/30.   She stayed awake the ENTIRE trip.  

She went to her first NYE party at Brad and Mandy's house.  She claimed it was the "best party she had ever been too".  She had a blast!  So, that made me super happy!  It was basically the same group of friends (with the exception of a few) that were there for me right out of the hospital.  Reggie bought Karley a pretty cool present that Mandy and Aunt Brook played with the most.....funny!

Amanda, Karley, Reggie, and I left around 10 pm to be safe on the road and Karley fell asleep at 11:45....so close!!!!

As you can see, Karley has no problem fitting in.

Well, my baby left today and now I'm so very sad.   It's going to be about 2 1/2 weeks before I see her again, which is the longest time ever.  I'm even going to miss her birthday for the first time ever.

The end of the year, for me, symbolized a new beginning, the beginning of our fight.  Tomorrow I have the Gamma Knife and Sunday off to Houston.

So, this will be the last blog for a while that isn't based on the fight.  I've had a wonderful holiday season and was so blessed to spend so much time with my baby girl and my friends and family.  I'm surrounded with love (both in SSI and Atlanta) and realize how blessed I am each day.   Thank you to everyone who donated to the fund lil sis set up for me.

Also, thank you for all of the prayers, please don't stop,  I need them very much.

I'll update after the Gamma Knife and will continue to update regularly once we get out to MD Anderson.  My faith is strong and I have so much to live for, I will not give up.

Phil 4:13


  1. How can I donate? Is there anything I can do to help?


  2. Hi Kerri! The fund Brook set up is http://www.giveforward.com/samanthamixon

    I mostly need prayers :)

  3. Prayers daily Sam. Hugs and so much love and positive thoughts. You are amazing!