Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 2 - MD Anderson

The rain today is making me soooo sleepy.   It's supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow.   Yay!

My first appt today was at 1:30 for another CT scan.  They were running way behind, but I did meet a woman who has been battling Stage IV lung cancer for 14 years, which was awesome!

After my CT Scan, I had a complete Pulmonary Function Test.   I passed with flying colors!   So, my breathing is normal.

Tomorrow I meet with a pulmanolagist and a counselor.   Apparently, I am depressed and need to seek some help.  But who wouldn't be in my situation?

I'm blessed to have some good friends out here who have hung out with me to take my mind off some things.

So, still no treatment plan or news.   Sorry for the short blog, I"m just a little sleepy and not much of an interesting day.  

Tomorrow may be better....I am seeing a shrink!!!!

Love you all!

Matthew 19:26

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